The Black And White Medicinal Mushroom Show

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Several kinds of edible fungi or mycology mushrooms like white and black fungus, are a crucial supply of vegetable proteins, minerals, vitamins amino acids and phytochemicals in a plant based diet. They’ve long been used as food and medication in Asia although they’re just making headway in the West in the previous years.

Wild And Cultivated Mushroom Fungi

Both the black colored Auricularia as well as white Tremella enjoy a particular affinity for deciduous trees. While it pleases the black colored Auricularia to grow in damp evergreen forests, the white Tremella is much more commonly used in temperate forests. The clear white, fronded, gelatinous sprinklings of Tremella on the limbs are a great sight, like masses of new manna from heaven! Nevertheless, these 2 mushroom fungi types may as well be commercially cultivated.

Anti Tumor And Immune Properties Both Tremella and Auricularia are excellent sources of polysaccharides, a combination, tested and tried out because of its immune and anti-tumor stimulating properties. These healing fungi behave as adaptogens in assisting your body systems to have resistance to illness and in battling tiredness.

You’re certain to appreciate the black colored Auricularia in tasty dishes of ridge gourds with only a tiny handful of cellophane noodles; and additionally the tremella is better appreciated in dessert soups sweetened with jujubes and also preserved logans. Nevertheless, most dried fungi should be soaked in water for no less than 30 minutes turning them into globby bits of goodness.

Collagen Properties

Women chasing for beauty could be happy to hear Tremella and Auricularia are loaded with vegetable collagen. So you are able to eat yourself beautiful with no botox injections or some other cosmetic procedures! There aren’t that many completely plant sourced types of collagen besides the 2 fungi.

Auricularia and tremella produce food options that are fantastic as they’re inexpensive, simple to get ready and delicious to boot. They battle the fat and cholesterol and also protect the heart of yours; they battle cancer and also provide you with a brand new lease of life. Additionally, these healing mushrooms are chock full of phytochemicals too.