Tips For Making Memes For Brand Promotion

Making memes pictures seems easy but can’t be done carelessly. You need the instinct to read things that are popular in society and apply them in an image or video with a fast duration. Here are important tips that must be known in making memes for good business promotion.

Adjust to your brand

The first thing you should think about is to create a meme that fits the style of your brand. People will think your brand is weird or bad if you just copy existing memes.

Connect with current events

As mentioned above, memes relate to events that are happening or popular at that time. Because of that, you can see what is trending right now. What is an advantage that you can get when you choose memes that can be timeless and relate to things that happen often?

Selection of interesting words / videos / images

Memes are based on 3 things, pictures, videos, and words. The three of them are related. You need to arrange words into a sentence that truly represent what you want to convey to the audience. Also, choose a unique image or video so that people will be attracted to see it.

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